Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First On-Location Shoot - Tim's Headshots...

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As for my experience on my first ever on-location shoot in model photography it seemed not to be a very pleasant one due to the very unpredictable weather changes, at least for this day. It was very windy, somewhat cloudy -which caused the sun to shift in and out (like a light going off and on) so I had to change aperture and shutter speed like every 2-3 shots, extremely annoying. But now I know what to expect and what days to not shoot on, i.e. only days that are very clear skies. The model -Tim- as always did a good job, just other aspects as I've mentioned didn't make the shoot go as smooth as I liked it to be, but of course not every first time experiences are good ones :-) ...

I've gotten the chance to edit one photo which is the one above and I have about a another 5-8 photos I'll be putting up later today hopefully. I hope you guys like the above photo!

Location: Kirby Park near Wilkes-Barre, PA

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