Sunday, December 22, 2013


For those whom are wondering and don't follow my facebook or twitter feeds... I have a few new websites primarily for clientele interactions and transactions. But as always if you want to follow my work its best to follow me on Twitter @ChrisAdval or/and like me on facebook.

1. - > Primary transactions for print sales
2. - > Non-commercial photography website
3. - > Commercial Services website
4. - > Non-commercial Senior Portrait photography website
5. - > Non-commercial Wedding Portrait photography website
and as you should already know, my flickr -

As for that I haven't been updating the blog as I used to simply because you can see the models I've photographed already on many other areas like flickr/facebook. I gave all the tips I already knew on working with models and working with photographers as a model. I didn't see any new tips/tricks to share either. I've been explored in 2012 and 2013 a ton more environmental portraits and have yet to learn half of what environmentals can provide. I did recent purchase Vaga Bond battery pack (with extra battery) to shoot a lot more environmental outdoor shoots without worrying about much on power and allowing me to use my studio strobes instead of speedlights... Right now I am debating to use the vaga bond or invest into more speedlights to get equal amount of power as my studio strobes on-location... but I am testing this with actual shoots in the field to see which I prefer... right now I prefer taking (1) 100w/s studio strob than taking 2-3 speedlights to get the same amount as the 100w/s strob, of course it depends on the speedlights, expensive latest most powerful (1) speedlight or 2-3 cheaper speedlights. I've also invested into a speedlight medium softbox, which I had for 2 months, and didnt use it yet. I wish I could take it with me on the transportation bus to NYC to shoot local models outside with it but the carrying bag/case is too awkwardly sized. 

Also I've cut down by 30-40% of trade shooting this year due to being in business officially since December 2012 (1 full year this month). So I cut it down to work on the business and possibly increase sales from that trade market. But I've learned something from many of my fellow photographer peers locally told and saw it with my own eyes... there is no market with working with models. Models, in most cases will never pay a photographer. That includes, wannabe models, professional models, etc... The only useful thing with working with models are simply building a portfolio for using those photos to advertise yourself to potential clients outside of models. Such as, senior portraits, bridal/wedding photos, headshots, and boudoir (sexy type photos for non-models)... I'm sure there is a ton more but thats what I do mostly for my business. Other than that yea, submitting photos to contests or magazines are useful to use actual models instead of people (non-models).

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