Monday, December 26, 2011

What do I do on Skin Retouching...?

Skin Retouching

What do I do on skin retouching? I don’t follow a specific technique or read any tutorials (yet) that was taught or anything like that, but I just whatever is necessary to getting a photo to giving me what I’m looking for in my selected photos that was passed over to final level of processing. The final level of overall processing is skin retouching and I retouch the skin on Photoshop CS5. I learned the basics photo enhancement in college in photo enhancement class I took, but I was already somewhat comfortable with photoshop as I casually used it for about 10 years. Since I started doing model photography all I do in skin retouching is use the “Healing Brush,” and all options in healing brush, but rarely use the patch tool and I’m new to using content aware option with the healing brush.

As of right now I take about 30min for most female model photos, and for some models 60min. So, I’ll be investing some reading time to tutorials as of today to play around with on skin retouching, but my general goal in skin retouching is always keeping the original skin texture intact as much as possible but removing imperfections and blemishes. Keeping the natural looking photo, but somewhat fix the imperfections mostly…

I did some goggling and found this article interesting and useful to play around with on some tutorials... if you're interested check it out and join me on learning the techniques taught in them. - 26 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

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