Monday, December 12, 2011

Experienced Photographers are Automatically Good Photographers?

Simply no.... Because experience generally would increase overall general skills of a person in pretty much any field, if done right and somewhat guided. A photographer can shoot for whatever amount of time, like 10 years, and another photographer could have only a few months of experience and in many times I've seen the least experienced photographer would have higher quality work than the one whom is more experienced.

It could be simply luck, or being properly and formally educated, or just naturally having the artistic eye, or some other combinations of life experiences to cause the photographer with more experience have lesser quality work than the photographer with least experience. It could be just form of style too. Some more experienced photographers are just into the more traditional photography and today in modern society wouldn't see much interest in that form of style anymore, especially myself.

This post is just a thought and observation of what I've observed in the past 8 months and seeing many experienced photographers just don't have very interesting work for me and I'm sure for modern society because I'm a very modern type of viewer. And I bring this up because on model mayhem and other network model databases they have this option to choose in experience levels and I came to realize today that you could have some experience, experienced, or even very experienced... That has nothing you the level of skills and talent you can deliver as a photographer, its all in your portfolio you're displaying to the public.

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