Monday, March 28, 2011

Changing from "Portrait" to "Model" Photography because....

I have recently learned a lot from Ron Davis at and joined his free mini-course, which was extremely useful. I learned something that made me change my somewhat broad path to a bit more focused path. From just "Learning Portrait Photography," I'm going to change it to "Learning Model Photography." I'm changing it because I prefer skilled models to shoot, not weddings, nor regular people, i.e. journalism, it's just not my style... BUT I do love capturing a true moment of candid photography style, just with specific looks from the subject, another example of the theme that I'm currently going for my fine art portfolio right now which is Vampires, yea it may sound more in-studio and posing for the camera type of photography but I'm aiming for some candid mostly just because that's what I want to see in my fine art work.

After this very important lesson I've learned from Ron Davis at I'm giving him a plug and a BIG Thank You for teaching me and others like me in the photography community as today it is extremely difficult to find photographers who willing to share their skills and wisdom as Ron does.

The changes will take place in all future videos, and I will change the graphics around this week to Model Photography.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Chris.

    Just as an FYI the name of the site changed awhile back to

  2. Not a problem I love those who give back to the community especially free content [to the end user]. Sorry about that, I fixed it.