Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question 1: How do you get models for you when you're an inexperienced Photographer?



What I talk about in the video is how I have tried many different things to recruit models, from friends [which I did get two friends to get a starter portfolio], to asking strangers. As for talking to strangers, it has never really worked for me but one time when I had my female friend who was modeling for me while we were picking out wardrobe at Hot Topic, and then recruited a model to do some photos. If I had my female friends to come with me around town to just talk to strangers who may have the potential in modeling I would definitely be doing that, but of course many attractive women are busy women so it's up in the air if my attractive female friends would manage the free time to go recruiting. As for family members, all of my family is a 3 hour drive, so that is pretty much out of the question. Model Mayhem I've tried but I've gotten just flakes, and just inexperienced models who don't have any interest in working with me on TF shoots and who only wants to work with experienced photographers [not me, yet...]. So, I'm looking for alternative choices if you got a different way of recruiting please share your ideas and strategies.

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