Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Evolve in Trade Shooting - Agreement/Contract

I've noticed I do get a lot of hits on my TF contract. Now not sure if its inspiring or experienced models or even photographers. But let's assume it is photographers. I am here to help and share my evolution since I did post that years ago. But I will be posting an updated version to that page to show my evolutionized version. 

In my opinion you do not start on top and you start on the bottom. You may need to make your TF agreement/contract more easy to digest or more leaning to the model's favor even at times, when starting out. As I evolved into greater skills, experience and knowledge, I have the right to have a evolved contract and agreement. Now I am sure as I mentioned this before you (photographers) can use my contract/agreement as a building block and make it your own but also keep in mind I am no legal professional and the agreement is not a legal professionally certified document but it is still an agreement, something is better than nothing. 

That said you should, as many others as they grow in every level, make it more balanced on what you think its fair for everyone. And I've noticed this will be trickier and trickier every time especially with working many different levels of models. But sadly and fortunately (double edged sword) I have only really worked with new/inspiring models vast majority of times in the past 5 years of shooting, rarely ever with experienced professional models because they're a very rare breed in my area and I do not travel often as well as much as I would love to.

If you're lucky to be surrounded by many different levels you may need to write up an agreement/contract for TF shoots to each type of model as a template or just write them up manually to each model as you both discuss terms and make one up as you both speak. And my recommendation you start with the industry standard model release and go from there together if necessary.

Other creatives included into the terms of TF agreement. I've been wondering on this more and more as I grow and get more people involved into my shoot production as in makeup/hair, assistants, and sooner or later more other type creatives...to include them into the terms which traditionally it would be the model and the photographer. It's your choice to do, not sure if it is "standard" yet but I'll go over an overall terms agreement for all creatives that I want or will be involved if they all like it great but if not depending how big the production and importance then I would need to make an agreement with each creative uniquely unfortunately.

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