Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why I and many other experienced Photographers shoot TF?

When I say experienced I don't mean experienced and still lack "high quality" portfolio. I mean experienced and already have a solid high quality portfolio. And when I say experienced I don't mean a photographer whom is running a photography business full time (as I don't, I run one part time). I personally still shoot 5 years later, after starting to shoot people/models and such, because 1) I am not happy with my current portfolios/sample galleries to show to potential clientele and marketing materials, as well 2) I am always testing and experimenting to add onto my wealth of techniques and skills I already have and grow even further, and finally 3) Staying fresh to your followers/fans, constantly posting new work and growing follower base.

I know part 3, solution is to charge to show more work, if I was getting tons of work at the current or higher rates I demand from the market then I would. Sadly the current market either do not know I exist due to lack of resources of advertising or/and the market does not value my work enough to pay my current rates. And yes I know as well, move into a more major market would be an option to increase clientele work but sadly I do not have those resources at this time as well.

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