Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reveal 01: Heather Elaine - Lancaster, PA - Portrait & Fashion Shots

- "Reveal" is now a new series to help teach or inform those wondering how I shot a specific shot that they either asked or I thought it very much worth sharing. What I would normally share would be pretty much everything, as to why I choose the image, how I shot it, the location, etc. most of the day detail leading up to how and why the shot was created. As well some how and why I edited it in a certain way to the image(s) being revealed. 

Model: Heather Elaine MM#: 2963534

Assistant: Eric S.
Location: The Lancaster Central Market

The shot was not intended to be more of a portrait. The primary goal of the whole shoot was fashion and maybe a bit of lifestyle shots. As I got home looked over the images I noticed this shot. While it did not give neither an obvious fashion feel, or lifestyle shot I still had to select it and choose to edit this for my portfolio. It could easily be used as a great editorial portrait for my commercial website or solo portrait for my non-commercial side of my business. But I do have other shots within the same environment, model, wardrobe and lighting... just different pose and facial expression that makes it more obvious it is a fashion or lifestyle shot.

This shot (below) became the selected shot best represented fashion for this shoot. The shot does have more obvious post processing done but that is part of the trend of fashion photography I've learned. Even though I really wanted to do more photography with models with a lot less photoshoping than what the trends had, I could not simply not follow the trends if I wanted to succeed. I've learned in fashion photography you give what the market demands and what the fashion photography's demanding more intensely edited images even if they look fake or not, its not about that as long as the product(s) standout and the products clearly is the hero in the shots. Since this shot was my first shot I've intentionally spent more time in editing to intentionally want the super clean fashion look and feel I spent about 3-5 hours on editing it in the span of 3 days (1-2 hours a night). It did take longer than anyone would as I was using a few different new techniques, such as removed a lot of the skin texture then re-created it. 

Videos I used as point of reference was regarding techniques of both Frequency Separation and creating skin texture both shown by PHLEARN.

The Tech...

1st Shot: f/2.8
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/180th
Focal: 200mm

2nd Shot: f/2.8

ISO: 640
Shutter: 1/125th
Focal: 200mm

Time of Day: Between 730pm and 830pm EST 

Lighting: Lastolite 30x30 Large Softbox w/ YN600 on ETTL zoom 24mm, triggered with a YN622C. Light was held by an assistant, angled left of frame above model's head pointing down to create shadows underneath model's chin.
Camera+Lens: Canon 6D w/ Tamron 70-200 2.8 (non-VC)
Memory: Lexar Professional 400x 8GB

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