Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digital Days Workshop in Philly: Before/After

I got a chance to go to this luckily without paying for it so I went and got the chance to meet a lot of interesting people such as nationally known pro photographers. The workshop was Digital Days and I got a chance to get my portfolio professionally critiqued the first time ever and loved getting that chance and it was critiqued by a 13 yr photographer who is currently a PPA Master Member and WPPI Grand Award Holder. So I felt very honored to get my work in front of someone of that level to even look but even better critique my work. Anyways, I attended the last day of the 3 day workshop intentionally because of the opportunity of shooting 5-6 models (2-3 wardrobe changes) was (for me) more interesting for my level as I already knew most to all of the material that was being taught like the back of my hand. So here's one shot I just finished retouching.

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  1. You need to be careful when retouching under her eyes, Its pretty obvious to tell where the retouching has been done and the brush size you used. It would be easy to spot even if there was no before picture. It's especially noticeable on the right side top of her cheek and right under her inner eye on the left side. It may not be noticeable to people who don't use photoshop, but pretty obvious to anyone who retouches photos, Try using the clone and blur brushes at smaller sizes and on lower opacities. Other than that beautiful picture!