Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Expert Assumptions... and Style!

I get tons of claims that I'm apparently an expert of what I'm talking about. Just because I talk about anything don't make me an expert automatically. I talk about it based on experience and working for me and my situations for my usages for my applications. Everyone on the internet whom is talking about anything clearly does not claim to be an expert, which is automatic until they label themselves clearly an expert, that is when you can claim they are an expert in what they are talking about. I and many others who talk about giving advice, suggestions, tutorials, etc. such as photography, don't claim to be experts especially youtube directors (again unless labeled clearly that they are an expert).

In photography, with this situation it is a special breed because its very, very subjective and very individualistic arena where certain things work differently for certain photographers. i.e. types of editing styles may or may not work for a type of photographer. You as a photographer must find all the possible tips and techniques that work best FOR YOU!!! and your style of photography.

For example, myself, my work is heavily influenced by Mark Wallace, Lee South, Art Streiber, Chase Jarvis, William Kofron, Peter Hurley, Blair Bunting, and Scott Witter. I don't have all of their qualities, skills, techniques, etc. but I observe and study their work and educational materials and use what is best for me and my own style. I share on this blog, my youtube channel, etc. what are my experiences and simply share it with you guys what has worked and has not worked well specifically in model photography.

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