Monday, April 23, 2012

Critiquing:: Technical Errors vs. Style

Critiquing a person's work may or may not have a style in itself. 

When I critique other people's work, and more specifically model photography. I critique both the technical side and how I would apply my own style to the photo. I don't or haven't ever claim to be a master or expert in model photography or even critiquing them. It's that simple. 

When critiquing a person's work in photography I would always look at the technical side and give your opinion on how would you have shot the photo based on your own style, if you have one. That is always Honest and Constructive. 

When a person is giving me an Honest and Constructive Critique I accept is no matter what and improve from there. Sometimes I may disagree with some critiques and when I do I would sometimes ask questions to understand better from the critique or sometimes just ignore it when I intentional do certain things in my work strictly based on style in my work.

When a person at any level of photography is critiquing your work based on technical errors accept it, technical errors are not a style and work on your technical skills for future photoshoots or/and improve selection process by not choosing poor technical parts in the photo don't choose that photo, plain and simple. Now at times that person critiquing based on the technical side of things may or may not have misinformation so always take technical critiques with a grain of salt and double check them.

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