Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mpixpro vs. Adoramapix

I'll be making my first professional photo prints order for studio display. And it’s not any typical standard print, it will be a 16x20 Metallic print. I'll be ordering it from two different pro photo print labs, one is and the other I'll be making a comparison video Mpixpro vs. AdoroamaPix specifically for 16x20 Metallic prints. I'll be making a clear disclaimer many times in the video about its just a comparison based on the 16x20 Metallic prints, but as well shipping/processing speeds, and cost for quality of print. As you may know mpixpro is the more expensive option (a Metallic 16x20 print for $19.99, for lustre coating add-on $2.04, and Linen Texture add-on $1.41), but mpix charge less for 2day fedex shipping ($4) than adoramapix are cheaper in services (a Metallic 16x20 print for $11.68)  but they charge more for shipping 2-4 US Postal mail ($6).  Total cost for a Metallic 16x20 print from without add-ons with shipping is about $25, and total cost for Metallic 16x20 print with shipping is about $18. So clearly you may be paying more for an mpix print with about the same length of time, but who knows, we'll see in how long it takes for both labs take for the same order. So it may or may not be equal... we'll see during a video I'll be posting once I receive it from the labs.

The first video will cover prepping the photo for print specifically for a 16x20 print which should be easily simple for most, but for those who want to know I'm sharing my process of prepping the photo for this kind of print.

The second video will cover the following...
  • Unboxing and first impressions of both prints...
  • Side-by-Side comparison, with harsh and soft light to see how it does with reflections, etc..
  • Best option for cost for a Metallic 16x20 print
  • and a final display on the wall of the photo in my home studio, and the other in my bedroom or hallway (not sure yet...)

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