Thursday, November 17, 2016

Photo Plus Expo 2016 Reviewed!

These are my own personal thoughts of what I thought was interesting. I did not cover anything that was not interesting to my own interests or thought was revolutionary.

5:02 Media Booth Pro (Photo Booth)
6:05 Vuze (3D/VR Camera)
7:18 Sony A7RII
8:54 Sony A7SII
12:19 THETA 360 Camera
14:35 The Lens Flipper 
16:58 Some LED lighting gear I forgot to get the name of...sorry.
17:40 Wacom (Retouching tool)
19:28 Bowens (Strobe units, also talk about Flashpoint's XPLOR)
21:50 is Came-TV (Gimbals/Stabilizers)
23:08 Another one I forgot, could be the app or the thing moving the camera around, or both... sorry.
24:35 Typhoon4k (Drone)
25:46 More LED lighting equipment, Zylight
26:43 Education (Peter Hurley shown as reference)
28:17 Foto Master (Photo Booth)
30:17 Lastolite (Softboxes)
31:41 Sigma 85mm 1.4 ART Lens with sample images on the Canon 6D
34:28 Sony Booth
35:20 iKan Booth - Video Equipment
36:49 Networking and Shoots in NYC

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